Concrete pulverizer

Concrete pulverizer

Concrete pulverizer is widely used in concrete production line designed for controlled demolition and recycling of the following materials:

  • Concrete Bridge Decks
  • Walls
  • concrete slabs
  • Foundations
  • Pillars
  • Concrete and Rebar Separation
  • bridge decks

Concrete Pulverizer application

Concrete Pulverizer is ideal for demolishing concrete structures including crushing and pulverizing construction debris for recycling and disposal.


Concrete buildings, Structures, road, beds, bridge, abutments, etc.


Cracking, crushing and pulverizing concrete and construction debris by reducing the size and the volume of materials.


used for recycling of Concrete base materials, Re-bar for scrap, Reducing the volume of debris and trucking or dumping fees

Concrete pulverizer is Designed to smash broken concrete masses into small pieces, it is a highly effective tool in demolition of buildings, bridges, etc. The smashing process by the concrete pulverizer helps in the recovery of reinforcing bars from demolished concrete structures, and in the transporting of crushed concrete off the site

Concrete Pulverizer construction

SBM Concrete Pulverizer models feature patented pin-on SWIFT LOCK? teeth that allow field change-out in minutes. They are actuated by the excavator's bucket cylinder—no additional hydraulic circuits are required.

The force of the jaws crunches up the concrete and cleans it off the rebar, allowing for easy separation from the rest of the rubble. Concrete Pulveriser Jaw makes easy work of big jobs. Its strength and efficiency along with effective separation capabilities will save you time and put money back in your pocket.

Concrete Pulverizer manufacturer

SBM is Concrete Pulverizer manufacturer in China, and offer Concrete Pulverizer for sale for concrete recycling plant in South Africa, Nigeria, America, Philippines. Concrete Pulverizer is virtually indestructible tool which is quiet and very easy to operate while being inexpensive to install and maintain. Replaceable bolt-on teeth ensure a solid work platform and long-life. Concrete Pulveriser Jaw provides impressive return on investment for your operations.

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