Mobile crusher plant installed method

mobile crusher installation

In addition to feeding system, broken systems, screening systems, conveyor systems, mobile crusher contains the power unit that can be different according to the mobility of mobile operations. Combined these several devices, a complete mobile crusher plant can be formally co-operation.

According to different crushing processes, the mobile crusher structure is also different. All the machine tool are assembled in a rack, this device is known as the single monolithic device. Each machine will be installed separately in each rack, or a certain number of them installed on a rack. When operating, the several independent chassis are placed as required. Though belt conveyor each machine is combined together. This device is called multi-machine modular equipment.

Afrter choosing a good mobile crusher operating on-site location,the first work is to make the operating site flat.then run the mobile crusher to the right location,open lifting legs to erect mobile crusher.Trench excavation belw the fixed legs.The size of pit is changed according to local soil, the more loose soil is, the deeper and the larger pit is.Then fix the activities outrigger to the fixed legs.Pour concrete into the pit.After solidification of concrete, adjust the concrete surface, so that support of mobile crusher is more stable.Finally retract lifting legs.In order to make support more stable,you can add sleepers or other auxiliary support tools.

Mobile crusher is convenient for miner, of course it can use many different areas. In India and China mobile crusher is usually used in coal industry, so we also call it mobile coal crusher plant.

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