Let's taking actions in spring 2009

SBM ‘Let's taking actions’ long-distance running match started in April 2.

SBM has made “action” as 2009 slogan, A year’s plan starts with spring. Let’s go!

Ready? Go! Let’s see the athletes:
Jian hui (Electronic Commerce Depart.)------always smiling ,
Gang yong (Domestic Trade depart.)--------calm and unflustered
CEO Yu ------thinking

Although it was just a physical race, which in the aim of training for health, everyone was careful in every detail. Missionaries prepared as busy as bees, athletes were busy with their practice: check-in, No. cards, signature wall .... The company sent the motorcycles and cars to record everybody’s heroic bearing ^_^.

The whole race length is 2009 meters , which need not to explain the moral, it was a challenge for every athletes’ explosive power , endurance etc. Standing at the same starting line, tournament gymnastic justification was embodied clearly, everyone’s physical strength and speed are different ,but for the fair rules, anyone can try one’s best to struggle ,the winner will appear at the last minute. Let’s go!

“ Running along with wind to follow the power of thunder and lightning, freedom is the direction…” The song “Run” expresses the substance of running ,and the race scene showed a direct feeling of running.

Winner Sun Hangjuan (Domestic Trade Depart.)

Winners gained the glory, but the joined and persevered athletes also got the applause from spectators. The circumstances moved everyone-----most of us is common people, at this time, we also drew the most beautiful picture in 2009 spring.