Sulphur is widely used in our daily life and all industry sectors. Its commercial uses are primarily in fertilizers, but it is also widely used in black gunpowder, matches, rubber tire, insecticides, papermaking, industrial ceramics and fungicides.

Crushing machine for sulphur

Put the bulks or lump of the sulfur and mineral mud in burning pit heating to melt, then pour the top of the sulfur solution into the model, cool it, you can get sulphur. In this process, we need grind bulk of the sulfur into powder, so crushing machine is essential.

Choose the right crusher according to the capacity of your production line, general jaw crusher or hammer crusher can meet the requirements. After crushed, the sulphur is made into small pieces then go through the grinding mill to grind into powder. You can choose ball mill or raymond mill. Ball mill is a simple grinding mill and the output is large, the capacity can up to 30-40 t/p. Of course there are also small ball mills whose capacity is 1-3 t/p.

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