Bauxite mining plant

Bauxite processing plant

Unlike the base metal ores, bauxite does not require complex processing because most of the bauxite mined is of an acceptable grade or can be improved by a relatively simple and inexpensive process of removing clay. In many bauxites, clay is removed by some combination of washing, wet screening and cycloning, even by hand picking or sorting.

Bauxite mining

bauxite miningOpen pit Bauxite mining is used to mine bauxite ores. The water in bauxite is taken out of the ore. This leaves a white powder that is called alumina which is another name for aluminum oxide. Alumina is made into aluminum.

Eighty percent of world bauxite production, mainly from large blanket type deposits is from surface mines, with the rest, mainly from Southern Europe and Hungary, from underground excavations. On some surface deposits there is no overburden, and on others, the bauxite may be covered by 70 metres or more of rock and clay. Deposits that are hardened may require blasting in order to release the ore. Once the bauxite is loosened into manageable pieces it is generally loaded into trucks or railroad cars and transported to crushing or washing plants or to stockpiles. Underground bauxite mines are used to exploit pockets or beds of deposit between layers of carbonic rock. Water in flow is a problem in most underground operations and dewatering shafts are often drilled before mining begins.

Bauxite mining machine

Bauxite crusher machine

In the bauxite crushing process, bauxite crusher is used to crush bauxite ore into small particles. Usually, there are three stages of crushing process. SBM offer types of bauxite crusher machine used in bauxite mining plant. SBM offer small or large jaw crusher for primary and coarse bauxite crushing. Impact crusher and Cone crusher is used for fine bauxite crushing. Vibrating screen is used for screening out the suitable crushed bauxite ores. SBM also supply mobile crusher plant for the while bauxite crushing plant.

Bauxite washing machine

In the bauxite washing process, washing machine is used to wash away the impurities from bauxite ores. SBM can supply Rotary Scrubber and other type bauxite washer for bauxite washing plant.

Bauxite grinding mill

In the bauxite grinding process, there are three steps of grinding. Grinding machine is used for grinding bauxite powder with 200 mesh. SBM can offer types of grinding mill for bauxite powder production, such as ball mill, vertical mill, raymond mill, coarse powder grinding mill and ultrafine mill.

Bauxite mining equipments Supplier

SBM is a bauxite mining equipments manufacturer in China, and supplies bauxite crushers, washing machine and bauxite grinding mill with better price for bauxite mining, beneficiation plant. According to the fact, we choose the right bauxite crusher and grinding mill to design the bauxite processing plant in Canada, China, Australia, India, Brazil, Guinea, Jamaica, Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Tanzania, USA, Korea, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Suriname and Vietnam.

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