Coal mining

Coal mining equipments

In coal mining plant, coal mining equipment includes continuous miner, belt conveyor, coal crushing, washing and grinding machine.

Coal continuous miner

Continuous miner machines are First Stage coal mining equipment used to cut the coal in room and pillar mining. Continuous miners have a large rotating drum that moves up and down. Strong bits on the drum cut the coal. As the coal falls, large arms under the drum gather the coal onto a conveyor chain. The conveyor chain carries the coal to the back of the machine. The coal is unloaded at the back of the machine onto ram cars. The ram cars haul the coal to a conveyor belt.

Coal crushing machine

Coal crushing machine is the main coal mining equipment used to crush coal into small pieces size. In coal mining industry, the usually used crushing machines are jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and mobile coal crusher. These coal crushers have special benfits. Large jaw crusher can crush coal with the capacity 1000 tons per hour. Mobile coal crusher is the most portable crushing plant. Sometimes, in underground mining, coal crusher is also used to crush big coal into smaller then transport them by belt conveyor.

Coal washing machine is the important Coal mining equipment. It can remove the dust, inclusion from coal. About 25% of the sulfur content is reduced, lowering the amount of sulfur dioxide emissions released upon combustion.

Coal mill machine

Coal mill is used for grinding coal into powder. It is mainly used in coal powder grinding plant. SBM supplies ball mill, raymond mill, vertical roller mill for coal. Vertical coal mill is the fine coal pulverizing machine, and it's capacity is large. Ball mill is the most widely used coal mill. These coal crusher and coal mill are used together in coal preparation plant.

Coal mining equipment manufacturer

SBM is a famous company of coal mining equipment manufacturer in China, and can supplies all typs of coal mining machines for sale with best price for coal mining process in USA, India, Australia and South Africa, Russia, Canada, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Pakistan, Germany, South Africa, Poland, Zimbabwe, Columbia.

Coal mining process

Coal Mine often use open-pit mining method and Underground mining method to extract coal from the mines in its concession areas.

Surface Coal mining process
Most surface mines follow the same basic steps to produce coal. First, bulldozers clear and level the mining area. The topsoil is removed and stored for later use in the reclamation process. Many small holes are drilled through the overburden (dirt and rock above the coal seam) to the coal seam. Each is loaded with explosives which are discharged, shattering the rock in the overburden. Giant power shovels or draglines clear away the overburden until the coal is exposed. Smaller shovels then scoop up the coal and load it onto trucks, which carry the coal to the preparation plant.

Underground Coal mining process
More than two-thirds of the coal produced underground is extracted by continuous mining machines in the room-and-pillar method. The continuous miner breaks the coal from the face and then conveys it to a waiting shuttle car which transports it to the conveyor belt to be moved to the surface. No blasting is needed. After advancing a specified distance, the continuous miner is backed out and roof bolts are put in place. The process is repeated until the coal seam is mined.

Coal Processing