Mineral Crusher

Mineral crusher is also called mine crusher. It is essential crushing machine in mines smelting and processing plants. Mine crusher is also used in old metal recycling.

Types of Mineral crusher

mine crushermineral ore crusher

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is the coarse ore crushing machine used in primary crushing process. It forms a critical transition between the mine or quarry and the plant. Drilling and blasting produce material feed in a broad range of fragmentation, whether it is iron ore, copper ore, limestone or any other material. Most large operations depend on jaw crushers to reduce the material to a manageable size suitable for the crushing or processing plant.

Impact crusher

Impact crusher is widely used in mine ore primay or secondary crushing process. The versatile design of the Impact crushers enables them to crush various types of materials including recycled materials, hard rock, sand and gravel. The ability to crush hard, abrasive material is due to the rolled construction

Cone crusher

Cone crusher is the fine mineral crusher machine used for crushing mine ores into smaller grains or powder. It is a high performing and very cost effective alternative now on the market. Cone crusher features: Heavy-duty construction for long life and reliability and High stroke for maximum capacity.

Mobile crusher

Mobile crusher is the portable mineral crusher plant, including crushing and screening machine. Hydraulic-driven track mobile plant is newest mobile crushing and screening plant, which is fully driven by hydraulic force and moved by chassis track.

As a key link in the process, these crushers must be chosen to meet capacity and performance requirements.


  • 1. It crushes the widest variety of scrap metal efficiently and inexpensively, such as iron ore, copper, manganese, chrome, gold, wolfram, Tin, Zinc etc.
  • 2. Effective wear and maintenance prevention. The parts is wearable and the hammer includes chrome.
  • 3. It includes safety unit and the adjustment devices of the discharging open. Solid pieces that cannot be crushed are removed during the crushing process without interruption.

Mines equipment supplier

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