Grinding machine use and maintenance

Grinding machine is essentional equipment in grinding peocess for mining, coal, cement industry.

1. addition to the top sliding bearing spindle of main spindle, the other transmission parts are rolling bearings. So, bearing must be in good lubrication condition, otherwise the bearings will be damaged and shorten the service life. Maintenance is as follows: oil once per shift, but must note that the oil is no loss or loss is too slow, they should immediately wash the oil road, then oil 50 # machine oil. using grease gun filling 3 # lithium based grease to Base spindle bearings, roller shaft bearings once per shift, every six months open bearing of analyzer washed, plus full 3 # lithium grease, fan bearings room plus lithium Grease.

2. avoid metal block into the grinding machine, otherwise they will damage the roller and grinding ring, and even center hanger, etc.

3. Feeding should be uniform, not erratic. Feeding too much will be blocked air duct, lower yield, easy to burn out motor, feeding too little will aiso lower yield. Feed size: the diameters of hard material is less than 15 mm, flexible material for 20 mm in diameter, bulk material is strictly prohibited into the machine.

4. Air volume control: the air volume control valve in the fan intake manifold, generally open to the maximum position. According to fineness and yield, adjust. the exhaust valve in the exhaust pipe, is adjusted into that the feed opening can be no dust emission. the smaller air volume is, the thinner final material is. It should be noted, wind is too small, in the wind tunnel below main machine, there will be the sediment material, please adjust.

5. Adjustment of fineness: according to the size of materials, hardness, moisture content, the proportion of different thickness and degree of processing is different, adjust the top analyzer. the speed is high, fineness is high, while the speed is low, fineness is low. Improve the fineness, while the output will be reduced accordingly, if it is below standard fan speed then debugging.

6. Ring roller scrap the limit, the minimum thickness of remaining wall is not less than 10mm.

7. When stop the machine, the first is to stop feeding, the host continues to work, so that the residual abrasive continue milling about a minute, turn off the main motor and the motor analyzer, stop grinding work, and then stop the fan motor to blowing off the powder residue.

Grinding machine is also called grinder machine, it is widely used in powder industry to grind some stone, mineral substance, such as coal, marbile, lime stone etc.

Grinding mill machine

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