Rock quarrying machinery

Rock quarrying machinery

Rock quarrying machinery includes crusher used for crushing plant, washing equipment for quarry, belt conveyor for transportation, and screen for sieving operation.

Rock crusher for quarry business

Rock crusher is the main rock quarrying equipment. It is widely used for crushing rocks, stones into small size for building aggregate and sand gravel manufacturing. SBM offer types of crushers for rock quarry business in Nigeria, and Italy, including stationary crushers and mobile crusher used as mobile quarry equipment.

Stationary crusher is the most widely used rock quarrying machinery. It can be used both large rock quarrying project and small scale rock quarrying business. Small jaw crusher with capacity 5 – 30 t/h is usually used as small scale rock quarrying machinery. Large jaw crusher with capacity 500-1000 TPH is used as big rock quarry machine in large rock crushing plant business. Mobile crusher is portable stone quarrying machinery. Mini mobile crusher is used in small rock crushing plant, larger mobile crusher with capacity 300-500 tonnes/h is used in medium size stone quarrying plant.

Belt conveyor for rock quarry

Belt conveyor is the essential rock quarrying machinery used for transporting raw materials or crushed stones between crushers, or crusher and other stone quarry plant equipment. It can save the transportation cost comparing with trucks.

SBM belt conveyor is totally self-emptying, and the energy consumption and the wear is minimal. Belt Conveyors designed with channel stringers are available in 10’ 0”, and 20’ 0” standard sections. Channel stringers range in size from C4x5.4 to C10x20, depending on load, capacity and span requirements. The belt conveyors are available for capacities from 40 to 1,300m³/h. They are ideal for gentle horizontal conveying of granular products such as grain, pellets, powder etc.

Washing equipment for rock quarry

Washing equipment is used as rock quarrying machinery for cleaning crushed stones. It can clean and separate stone powder and dust from dinas including the cleaning and dehydration effects.

SBM offer spiral or screw washing equipment and wheel sand washer used as stone quarrying machinery. The sand washer is a kind of high efficiency washing equipment operated with sand quarrying plant. This series of sand washer features the following advantages: rational structure, convenient maintenance, great handling capacity, low power consumption and high washing cleanliness.

Screen for Rock quarrying business

Screen is a rock quarrying machinery used in screening and sieving process for classification and grading. Classification, the dividing of granular material into various size groups, is one of the most important steps in the rock quarrying production process.

SBM offer double-deck and triple-deck screen for the classification process. The success of screening is determined by the quality of the product obtained, ie. the proportion of under-sized/oversized particles in the various grades. Choose the right mesh and the execution and adjustment of the screening machine.

Crushing plant for rock quarry

The crushing plant is made up from types of rock quarrying machinery, including rock crusher, feeders, belt conveyor and screening machine or washing equipment. Several types of stationary rock quarrying machinery can make up the complete rock quarrying plant. SBM also supply mobile quarry equipment for sale for the quarry plant business.

SBM can offer single rock quarrying machinery and complete crushing plant for rock quarrying business in South Africa, India, and Kenya. SBM also design the complete rock quarrying process and production line for the production operations.

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