Ball mill in Germany for silica sand grinding

Ball mill for gold in South Africa

Ball mill in Germany, is used for grinding granite, sandstone into small size for silica sand manufacturing.

Ball mill manufacturer: SBM crusher

SBM is a company of ball mill manufacturer in China, and offer Ball, Tube and Rod Mills for sale for silica sand mining, and design open or closed circuit grinding for the production of metal powders and for processing an infinite variety of grindable materials.

SBM ball mills process materials in a closed cylinder, and are available for fine or coarse grinding in all sizes from 24" diameter to 96" diameter and from 36" long to 30'0" long. Fine ball mill is used to grind products with a fineness of 1/4" (6.5 mm) to 10 microns, (.01 mm).

Ball mills are used in Metallic Powders (Steel), Gypsum Wallboard Additives, sand/coarse aggregate, Bronze Powders and Minerals, Carbon and Coal. Particle shape of product is the highest level. Throughput capacities of each size are 100~400t/h.

Ball mill for silica sand mining

Ball mill also can be used in sand making plant. It can remake a surplus product to quality sand and quality aggregate. Grain size is the biggest of all sand making machine. Generally, ball mill is used with crusher to make up the whole sand production line.

In the sand making plant, ball mill contributes to an environmental improvement. The long life of wear parts is pursued. The grinding media can be Flint Pebbles, ARLCITE balls or Molloy steel balls in sizes from 1/4" (6.5 mm) to 2" (5.2 cm) diameter. SBM ball mill lining to use is Burhstone or ARLCITE alumina.

SBM offer types of ball mills for crushing, milling, cement, pelletizing and shredding processes. The integration of the process of design, engineering, patterns, molding, casting, heat treating, finishing, machining and assembling facilitates logistics, assures quality and accelerates production time.

SBM also design the whole sand mining plant with rock crushers, feeder, screen and washing machine. These sand making machines are popular in Germany, UK, Pakistan, and India.

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