Ball mill for stone powder plant

Ball mill for stone powder plant

Ball mill is a powder milling machine, used in quarry plant for producing quartz, marble, limestone and calcium carbonate powder.

Ball mill system

Ball mill is used for the combined grinding and drying of very moist materials. Usually it can make up two type of grinding system.

Continuous open circuit

Continuous open circuit operation is smooth, simple and positive. Material passes steadily through the open feed trunnion of the mill. It is then ground to desired fineness and discharged at the opposite end.

Ball Mill can be used continuously according to the type of grind desired. The ball charge is prepared by starting with 285 balls, consisting of approximately equal weights of various size balls. These sizes include: 3/4 inch 7/8 inch, 1 inch, 1-1/4 inch and 1-1/2 inch about 400 grams of each size.

Closed Circuit Systems

Continuous ball Mills are used in closed circuit operations for maximum control of product size, economical grinding and low contamination. In the closed circuit system, fine particles are removed from the finished product and oversized particles are returned to the mill.

Screens, mechanical air classifiers or pneumatic classifiers are embodied in the Continuous Mill System for dry grinding. For wet grinding the mill may employ a wet classifier, screen or centrifugal classifier. Rapid removal of ground material from the mill prevents over-grinding and achieves a more uniform product.

Ball mill for calcium carbonate powder

Ball mill is a powder making machine used for grinding limestone, marble, quartz, and other rocks into calcium carbonate powder.

Ball mill for quartz crushing

In quartz sand production line, Ball mill can be used as quartz crushing machine. Thanks to the dual feeding system and the presence of specific internal plough-share distributors, loading in the crushing chamber is optimised with a level of performance that is much higher than similar kinds of mills.

Ball mill for limestone milling

Ball mill is widely used in limestone powder production line. The grinding rollers are free to move vertically, compensating for metal loss due to wear and ensuring constant optimum contact between the grinding elements and the material being ground.

Ball mill for marble powder

In the marble powder manufacturing plant, ball mill is used for grinding crushed marble stones into powder. The ground material is carried out of the mill in the stream of gas and collected in the high-efficiency separator.

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