Quarry belt conveyor

Belt conveyor for rock quarry

There are two types of belt Conveyors used in stone crushing process of quarry plant: Apron Conveyor and Belt Conveyor.

Belt conveyor for rock quarry

This type is the most widely used conveyor in stone crushers. The belt conveyor is widely used in the material handling section, it works with other various handling devices like feeders, bucket elevators and screw conveyors are used to transport crushed materials from one point to another.

Since transport of rock material on the belt conveyor causes little disturbance of air and emissions that occur due to the wind are judged to be minimum. The transfer points include transfers from a belt conveyor on to another, into a stone crusher, into a hopper and on to a storage pile. The amount of uncontrolled emissions depends on the size distribution of the material handled, the belt speed and the free fall distance.

The Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor is a robustly engineered product, that operates quietly and require minimal maintenance. It has a high throughput capability and a durable design. Inclined belt conveyors are used for transporting crushed stones between stone crushers or from screen to the storage room.

Apron Conveyor for stone quarrying plant

The Apron Conveyor comprises overlapping beaded metal apron for carrying non granular hot or abrasive materials, horizontally or at inclinations dictated by economy and allowed by flowability. To withstand the severe impacts involved when receiving very heavy loads, the aprons Conveyor may be of shock resistant alloy-steel and slightly under their path at the loading point, rails or other means may be installed to help curb permanent deformations of those that yield under shock.

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