Ore crushing plant

Ore is the mine that contain iron, copper, tombarthite, bauxite, gold etc. These materials are very important in the development of industry. So what we should do is to extract the metal from them.

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Ore Processing

The extraction of a pure metal from its ore is called metallurgy. In order to extract the metal from ores, several physical and chemical methods are used. The method used depending upon chemical properties and nature of the ore from which it is to be extracted. It involves four main steps,

1. Crushing and grinding

Those ores occur in nature as huge lumps. They are broken to small pieces with the help of crushers or grinders. These pieces are then reduced to fine powder with the help of a ball mill or stamp mill. This process is called pulverisation.

The process of breaking up large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel or rock dust. Crushing is an essential part of the mining, reducing run-of-mine ore to a size that can be easily transported or processed.

2. Concentration or dressing

The ore are usually obtained from the ground and therefore contained large amount of unwanted impurities, e.g., earthing particles, rocky matter, sand, limestone etc. These impurities are known collectively as gangue or matrix. It is essential to separate the large bulk of these impurities from the ore to avoid bulk handling and in subsequent fuel costs. The removal of these impurities from the ores is known as concentration. The concentration is done by physical as well as chemical methods.

Physical Methods (i) Gravity Separation or levigation: This process of concentration is based on the difference in the specific gravity of the ore and gangue. The sieved ore is either subjected to dry centrifugal separation or is placed in big shallow tanks in which a strong current of water blows. Heavy ore particles settle down to the bottom of the tanks while lighter gangue particles are carried away by the current of water. The process removes most of the soluble and insoluble impurities. For this purpose table and hydraulic classifier are widely used. The method is particularly suitable for heavy oxide and carbonate ores like Cassiterite (SnO2) and haematite.

3. Reduction to free metal.

4. Purification or refining of the metal.

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