JC Jaw Crusher machine

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JC series jaw crusher machine, developed by SBM, has undoubtedly become the most favored in the world. Nowadays, This European style jaw crusher is explored on the base of the traditional crusher. Adopting the most advanced international crushing technology and manufacturing process, JC jaw crusher machine is the best choice to efficiently crush hard and highly corrosive materials at a low cost.

JC Jaw Crusher machine Construction

JC Jaw crusher machine in European style is mainly consist of frame, the rotation part of the eccentric bearing, the working part of the crushing cavity, the safety unit and the adjustment devices of the discharging open.

JC Jaw Crusher machine Application

JC jaw crusher machine is mainly used to crush hard and medium hard stones in stone quarrying, mine ore mining industry, building material, highway, railway, cement industry, etc.

JC jaw crusher for small scale stone quarrying plant: In the small scale stone crushing plant, it is used as primary crusher machine to crush stones, pebble like limestone, quartz, granite, gritstone into small size.

JC jaw crusher for ore mining project: In the mine ore mining project, it is used in the crushing process, and is used to crush iron ores, copper ores, gold ores into small particles or powder for further processing.

JC Jaw Crusher machine Main Features and Benefits

  1. World-leading manufacturing technology is adopted, and latest High-tech raw material is selected.
  2. More advanced movable jaw assembly lengthens life.
  3. Movable jaw assembly, composed of high-quality cast steel structure, is driven by two big flying wheels which is also made of cast steel. Moreover, heavy eccentric axle is processed by forge mold. All of these make the JC series extremely reliable.
  4. Integral cast steel structure is adopted for bearing seat. As a result the steel bearing matches well with the crusher frame, at the same time, radial strength of the bearing seat is highly strengthened ,while the separate bearing seat does not have this advantage.
  5. Finite element analysis technology is adopted to make the JC jaw crusher more stronger.
  6. Adopts "V" structure which could make the actual feed width complies with the nominal one.
  7. Adjustment of the discharge part is more convenient.
  8. Bearing with larger specification and stronger bearing capacity is used.
  9. The guard plate with tooth shape is newly adopted, it lengthens actual length of jaw plate, capacity is higher.

JC Jaw Crusher machine working principle

The motor drives belt and belt wheel, when movable jaw plate is driven towards fixed jaw plate, material in the jc jaw crusher machine is crushed or ground. Motor drives the movable jaw up and down through eccentric shaft. The angle between toggle plate and movable jaw increases when movable jaw moves up. The stones are crushed in this process. The angle between toggle plate and movable jaw decreases when movable jaw moves down, the movable jaw move away from fixed jaw by the pulling of rode and spring, the stuff crushed will be discharged from the output opening. This process will repeat. The moving jaw will crush and discharge the stuff circularly.

JC Jaw crusher machine Specification

Parameter Model Content JC1302 JC1003 JC1303 JC604
Feeding Opening(mm) 180*1300 250*1000 250*1300 400*600
Max Feeding Size(mm) 150 220 220 350
Adjustable Range of Discharge Opening(mm) 10-30 20-40 70-100 35-85
Eccentric Shaft Rotation Speed(rpm) 320 330 290 250
Theoretical Producing Capacity(t/h) 12-35 15-50 26-85 15-70
Electric Motor Model Y225M-6 Y225M-6 Y250M-6/Y280S-6 Y225M-6
Power(Kw) 30 30 37/45 30
Rotation Speed(rpm) 980 980 980 980
Overall Dimension(L*W*H) 1320*2150 *1175 1400*1850 *1310 1450*2150 *1175 1920*1460 *1840
Voltage(V) 380 380 380 380
Frequency(Hz) 50 50 50 50

JC Jaw Crusher machine Maintenance

For all the machinery, the maintenance is very important. In the stone crusher equipment, jaw crusher is dominant, and in maintenance pay attention to the way. To ensure regular work, in addition to proper operation, planned maintenance is need, including routine maintenance inspection, overhaul, repair, and minor repairs.

  1. Overhaul: In addition to all the ongoing repair work, including replacing eccentric shaft and the moving jaw mandrels, casting rod head the Department of Babbitt, replacement or repair of wear and tear. Overhaul cycle is generally five years.
  2. repair: In addition to minor repairs of all the work, but also include the replacement of thrust plates, linings, inspection and repair bearings and so on. In the repair cycle is generally 1-2 years.
  3. minor repairs: The main elements include checking and repair adjustment device, high-speed gap nesting population on the wear liner U-turn or replaced. Transmission part of the overhaul, lubrication system and replacement of oil and so on. Minor repairs of the period is 1-3 months.

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