Granite quarrying

Granite quarry plantGranite quarry machine

Granite quarry plant is used for granite aggregate production for Building. Two general phases of granite production exist: quarrying and processing.

Granite quarry plant

In the granite quarry plant, granite is included in the list of largest minerals extracted among coal, chromites, rock salt, lime stone, china clay, dolomite, fire clay, gypsum, silica sand etc. Granite is common practice in the industry to classify architectural granite as either of two types:

Building Granite: Granite used either structurally or as a veneer for exterior or interior wall facings, steps, paving, copings or other building features.

Masonry Granite: Granite used in larger blocks for retaining walls, bridge piers, abutments, arch stones and similar purposes.

Dimensional granite rock quarrying is being done with different levels of technology in different countries but a few leading countries such as Italy, China, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, Portugal, Germany, France, USA, and Greece have developed highly efficient technology with good forward and backward linkages.

Granite quarrying machine

In granite quarry plant, traditionally, granite was quarried by hand saw and primitive blasting techniques but now is produced using diamond wire saws, hydraulic drilling equipment, and water jets.

Blasting techniques has been accompanied with high granite quarry wastage ranging from 61-73% in addition to poor quality, mainly due to unwieldy blasting techniques.

Granite mine adopts more modern and scientific quarrying methods to enhance the recover of dimensional blocks. For this purpose, water jet cutting, a new technique is used.

In water jet cutting technique, water with tremendous pressure is passed through an orifice to form a jet. This jet is used to cut into the primary blocks as well as secondary blocks. The cutting loss in this process is minimum and there is no damage to adjacent block as in case blasting

Granite crusher machine is used for crushing mined granite stones into smaller piece. It is used in the granite mining plant or crushing plant. SBM can offer jaw crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher and mobile crusher for sale with best price for granite crushing plant.

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