Crushing plant design and layout

crushing plant design

The crushing plant design and layout is the important step to set up the stone quarry or mineral mining plant.

The goal for the design of a crushing plant is an installation that meets the required production requirements, operates at competitive cost, complies with today’s tough environmental regulations, and can be built at a reasonable price despite the rising costs of equipment, energy and construction labor.

Crushing plant design parameters

The principal crushing plant design parameters that drive crushing equipment selection and configuration include:

  1. Production requirements
  2. Capital cost
  3. Ore characteristics
  4. Safety and environment
  5. Project location
  6. Life of mine/expansion plans
  7. Operational considerations
  8. Maintenance requirements
  9. Climatic conditions

Crushing plant design process

There are three main steps in designing a good crushing plant: process design, equipment selection, and layout. The first two are dictated by production requirements and design parameters, but the crushing plant layout can reflect the input, preferences and operational experience of a number of parties.

In mine ore mining operations, the layout of crushing plants and ancillary equipment and structures is a crucial factor in meeting production requirements while keeping capital and operational costs to a minimum.

Crushing plant process design, equipment selection

Crushing circuits and ancillaries have not changed a great deal over the years, so “Keep It Simple” is still the best way for crushing plant design. On the other hand, it’s dangerous to assume that a crushing plant layout that works well at one mine will work just as well at other mine deposits.

Crushing plant layout

crushing plant layoutCrushing plant layout tools can include cut-and-paste arrangements, 2D arrangements fitted onto site topography, or 3D CAD to superimpose the design on the selected site. The choice of tool depends on whether the work is being done at the prefeasibility, feasibility or detailed engineering level, as well as on the accuracy required of any associated cost estimate. The best crushing plant designs are developed using basic approaches and tools: site visits, discussions with mine personnel, sketches, and cut-and-paste layouts.

Different construction and mining industries have different approaches to crushing plant design. The standard approach in the oil sands industry is to use MicroStation 3D CAD from the start; in some cases, the finalization of a crushing plant system design (hopper, feeder, screening, crusher, and takeaway conveyor) has taken as much as two years, because of the uniqueness of the application. A similar crushing plant design in the hard-rock mining industry takes from four to six months.

A well-designed crushing plant layout balances the capital versus operating cost over mine life. The major cost elements of a crushing plant is Buildings, infrastructure, and major equipment items. The designer must prepare a crushing plant layout that suits the design criteria, crushing plant flowsheet and selected equipment in the most economical possible configuration. It’s important to keep structural costs down, to design for ease of maintenance and operation. Faster wear part replacement means less downtime of mining plant.

Crushing plant design and layout supplier

SBM is a famous crushing plant manufacture in China, and offer types of crushing plant for stone quarry and mine ore mining, processing plant, like crusher, belt conveyor, feeder, screen and grinding mills.

SBM design crushing equipment and crushing plant layout working with the owner’s engineering staff, safety personnel, operations and maintenance personnel, equipment manufacturers, and the engineering consultant. As the consultant, SBM also combines knowledge and experience with an understanding of all parties’ needs, to provide a balanced, workable, safe and economic crushing plant design and layout.

Stone crushing plant

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