Iron ore mining

Iron ore mining process includes Open cast and Under ground mining method. Iron ore Mining operations are being carried out by conventional open cast mining method forming systematic benches using shovel - dumper combination and the pits are laterally extended in stages in all directions with increasing depths.

Iron ore mining process

iron ore mining processGenerally, iron ore mining process consist of these steps:

Iron ore Drilling

Iron ore is dislodged by drilling blast holes according to a particular pattern which depends on the bench height, the hole diameter, nature of rocks, the drilling machinery deployed and the types of explosives used.


To cope with the need of higher production of iron ore, blasting materials are also being developed / manufactured at the same pace.

Subsequent fine iron ore grinding further reduces the ore particles to the consistency of fine powder (325 mesh,0.0017 inches, 0.44 microns).


As the quantum of excavation in iron ore mining process has increased year by year the technology has undergone a sea change in all aspects of mining activity like loading, hauling and transportation.

Haulage and Transportation System

bigger shovels and large capacity dumpers up to 350T have already been in service. The Current trend however is towards larger equipment which matches excavator, primary crusher and wheel loader capacities and enables mines to increase productivity by hauling more material in fewer cycles.

Crushing & Screening

In earlier mechanised opencast mines, iron ore mining process involves crushing to required size and separation of various products by dry screening.

Iron Ore beneficiation

The technological improvements include introduction of Air - Pulsated jigs, spirals and slow speed classifiers, hydro cyclones, log washers, recuperates, floated density separators and wet high intensity magnetic separators and a wide range of process controls.

Slurry Transportation of Iron Ore

Iron ore mining equipment

iron ore mining equipmentIron Mining operations are essentially carried out by open cast method. Iron ore mining process is fully mechanized, comprising of variety of heavy earth moving equipment. Most of the large iron ore mines also have mineral iron ore mining equipments comprising crushers, classifiers, hydrocyclones, washers and magnetic separators.

Hydraulic excavator and wheel loaders are the principal loading equipment used in iron ore mining plant.

High gradient magnetic separators can produce good results in Iron Ore recovery from tailings.

SBM is a professional iron ore mining equipment manufacturer in China, and offer types of crusher, screening machine, grinding mill and washing equipment to mine iron ore. SBM also design the iron ore mining process flow chart including crushing, screening, washing and grinding process for the iron ore mine in India, Mauritania, Mexico, Ethiopia, Brazil, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Egypt, Australia, Sri Lanka, UAE, Liberia, Nigeria, Guinea, Angola, Indonesia, Iran, Zimbabwe, Sweden, Pakistan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, USA, Uganda, Colombia, Peru and Canada.

Iron ore mining in India

Normally, iron ore mining in India is done by opencast method and on the basis of mining methods, the mining can be broadly divided into two categories, i.e., manual and mechanized. Majority of the large mechanised mines are in the public sectors whereas manual mines are mainly in the private sector. The current production capacity of iron ore in India is around 160 Mt.

Iron ore mining