Copper ore concentrator

Copper ore concentrator

Copper ore concentrator is used to remove unwanted rock or gangue minerals, typically silicate minerals or oxide minerals for which there is often no value.

Copper ore concentrate process

Copper ore concentrate process is used for ore beneficiation through crushing and grinding plant. Through copper concentrator, ore is the separation of ore minerals from gangue minerals within the rock.


The first stage of copper ore concentration process within a metallurgical treatment circuit is crushing. The copper rock is crushed to produce small particles in a series of cone crushers. The crushed copper ore is then ground even smaller by a series of mills. These copper ore particles are then separated to remove gangue, thereafter followed by a process of physical liberation of the ore minerals from the rock.

Froth flotation:

Copper ore concentrate processThe next steps of Copper ore concentrate process depends on the nature of the ore containing the copper. For oxide ores, a hydrometallurgical liberation process is normally undertaken, which uses the soluble nature of the ore minerals to the advantage of the metallurgical treatment plant. For sulfide ores, froth flotation is used to physically separate ore from gangue. For special native copper bearing ore bodies or sections of ore bodies rich in supergen native copper, this mineral can be recovered by a simple gravity circuit.

The ground copper ore is wet, suspended in a slurry, and mixed with xanthates or other reagents, which render the sulfide particles hydrophobic. This mixture is pumped into rectangular tanks, called flotation cells, where air is injected into the slurry through the bottom of the tanks. The chemical reagents make the copper particles cling to the bubbles as they rise to the surface. The frother forms a thick layer of bubbles, which overflows the tanks and is collected in troughs. The bubbles are allowed to condense and the water is drained off. The resulting mixture, called a copper concentrate. The rock which has not floated off in the floatation cell is either discarded as tailings or further processed to extract other metals such as lead (from galena) and zinc (from sphalerite).

Copper ore concentrator machine

In the Copper ore concentrate plant, crusher, rod, ball mill and flotation machine are used for copper ore beneficiation.

Copper ore crusher

In copper ore concentrator, Copper ore crusher is used in crushing plant of Copper ore concentrate process. First the copper ore from a open pit mine is blasted, loaded and transported to the primary crushers. Then the copper ore is crushed into fine powder in cone crusher and then screened by vibrating screen.

Copper ore grinding mill

Copper ore grinding mill is used for fine copper ore powder manufacturing. In this process, copper ore is crushed and ground to a size such that an acceptably high degree of liberation has occurred between the copper sulfide ore minerals and the gangue minerals.

The sulfide ores are beneficiated in flotation cells, while the oxide ores are generally leached.

Copper ore concentrator manufacturer

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