SBM Stone crusher machine used for crusher plant in China

stone crusher machines in China

SBM stone crusher machine is used as crushing equipment to crush large stones, rocks and mine roes into small particle size for building aggregates and artificial sand production in China.

SBM stone crusher machine in China

In the stone crushing plant, there are various types of stone crusher machine used. SBM can offer Jaw Crushers, Roller Crushers, Cone Crushers, Impactor, Rotopoctor and hammer crusher for sale for stone crushing business in China.

Jaw crusher is used as Primary stone crusher machine for coarse crushing process. For secondary and tertiary crushing application, either of Jaw crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher, Impactor or Rotopoctor type crushers are used. Hammer crusher is the fine stone crusher machine used before stone grinding solution. It work with bucket elevator for crushing soft stones into small particles for powder making.

Stone crusher plant in China

In the stone crusher plant in China, the broken stones are manually carried on head load to feed in the Jaw Crusher. The crushed stones are discharged through a chute in to a rotary screen. The screened stone materials of various sizes are discharged on the ground below the rotary screen and the products are manually retrieved and taken to stock piles. These stone crusher plant in China claim to produce stones of good quality due to manual sorting, uniform breaking etc and lesser quantity of fines.

Small stone crusher plant in China

stone crusher plant in ChinaSmall stone crusher plant in China is the complete crushing system with single jaw crusher and single rotary screen for manual breaking, feeding, retrieving, stocking operation. These type of stone crusher plant in China typically operate with crushing capacity in the range of about 2-5 TPH.

In these types of small stone crusher plant, the mined raw stones or ores are transported to the crusher site by truck and unloaded & stocked at ground level near the stone crusher plant. Big boulders are manually broken one by one to about 8-10 inch size. The coloured stones are manually sorted and separately stocked, this is done to avoid mixing of different coloured stones in the crushed products, else it may fetch less price.

Mini stone crusher plant with Gravity feeding, single jaw crusher with vibratory screens and belt conveyors is the most common type of crushing plant set up in China and all over the world.

Large stone crusher plant in China

These type of large stone crusher plant in China, usually are consist of primary, secondary & tertiary type stone crushers with at least 2 or more vibratory screens and belt conveyor system. These type of stone crusher plant generally have their own open-cast stone quarry and a fleet of mechanical mining equipment, trucks and dumpers, loaders etc. for mechanized loading, unloading conveying operations.

The large stone crusher plant in China is usually with the crushing capacity more than 100 TPH, even up to 1000 tons/h.

Mobile stone crusher machine in China

Mobile stone crusher machine is the portable crusher plant uniting feeder, crushing and screening operation. It is economical machine for the small scale stone quarry or mine ore mining. Mobile crusher plant is generally found in the construction waste and concrete recycling plant. SBM can offer track mounted mobile crusher, crawler-type mobile crusher, and rubber-tyred series mobile crusher for stone quarrying and processing in China.

SBM is a famous stone crusher machine manufacturer in China, and offer types of crusher, belt conveyor, vibrating feeder and screen, grinding mill for construction stone crushing plant in quarrying and mine mining.

SBM supply the machines and service for mining, transporting, crushing and screening operations of the stone crushing industry. We also design dust suppression techniques to prevent particulate matter from becoming air borne wich are applicable to both process and fugitive dust sources. Particulate emissions such as those generated by crushing operations can be captured in collection systems.

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