Manganese Crusher

Manganese crusher is used as crushing machine in the manganese mining and processing plant.

The type of manganese crusher

manganese ore crusherIn the manganese crushing and screening plant, manganese crusher is used for crushing manganese ores into small grains for extraction. In the mine ore crushing process, there are several types of crushers are used.

Jaw crusher is used as coarse manganese crusher machine used in primary crushing process. In the manganese dressing plant, jaw crusher can be used in the large scale manganese mining project with capacity 500-800 t/h. While small jaw crusher can be used in small manganese mine deposite.

Mobile crusher is the portable manganese crusher machine. It includes crushing and screening process. SBM can offer portable jaw crusher, portable impact crusher, portable cone crusher and crawler-type mobile crusher for sale used as manganese ore crusher.

Vibrating Screen is a sieving equipment used for classification. It can screen out the suitble crushed manganese ore for next processing plant. While oversize return to the manganese crushing and screening plant.

Manganese crushing plant

In manganese ore processing plant, the first step of extracting manganese is mining process. The manganese ores are mined by mining equipments, then go through crushing process. So the manganese ore crusher is very important mining equipment in manganese ore processing plant.

The complete manganese crushing plant consist of jaw crusher as primary crusher, cone crusher as fine crusher, and vibrating screen as screening machine using to screen out the suitable manganese ore.

SBM is a manufacturer of crushers and grinding mills in China, supplies all kinds of manganese ore mining equipments, crushers, screening machine and other beneficiation machines like jigger for manganese processing plant In Zambia, South Africa, Australia, China, Brazil, Gabon, Ukraine, India, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, USA, Malaysia, Canada, Botswana, Oman, UAE, Zimbabwe and Burma. SBM also design the complete manganese processing plant for extracting process at manganese ore mine. SBM also offer other ore crushers such as iron ore crusher, copper crusher, chromium crusher, manganese ore crusher for sale with best price, etc.

Manganese processing plant

A method for processing raw manganese nodules for the selective recovery of nickel, copper, cobalt and zinc values contained therein, by predominantly hydrometallurgical means, comprising:

  • a. suspending the raw nodules, which have been comminuted to particle sizes less than 10 mm, in water or dilute wash solution;
  • b. charging the suspension and sulfuric acid to a pressure vessel to provide an acidified solid-liquid suspension;
  • c. heating the solid-liquid suspension in the pressure vessel to a temperature between about 150 °C and 300 °C for 0.5 to 4 hours to cause the nickel, copper, cobalt and zinc to be selectively leached to form a metal rich leach solution containing these metals and a residue, with the solid-liquid suspension having a sulfuric acid content of less than 35 g/l upon completion of the leaching;
  • d. cooling the solid-liquid suspension and then filtering the cooled suspension;
  • e. washing the residue;
  • f. extracting copper from the filtrate of step (d) with a copper specific organic solvent extractant to form an organic phase containing the copper and an aqueous raffinate and separating the organic phase from the aqueous raffinate;
  • g. recovering the copper from the separated organic solvent extractant;
  • h. recovering the nickel, cobalt and zinc values from the separated metal rich leach solution.

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